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Friday, 27 September 2013

Where in the World Challenge - USA

Hi Hi

When I started this blog it was to help me commit to things I start. I started the Where In The World Challenge with some cool gals and stopped at No. 5. Now there are 25 countries to depict. Five out of 25 hmmmmmm na I have to finish.

So today I am continuing. I don't get the impression that many people have continued and I see a few are still at it so kudos to them. When I was doing it months ago I really enjoyed it and it was also a history lesson because I learnt quite a bit about the country which I was doing the design about.

No. 6 is the U S A.

The rose is the national flower of the United States and that's what I went with for the challenge. The rose was chosen to be the country's national floral symbol because, according to president Regan, (in summary) it the flower which is given the most and is the most loved. Which is true all over the world.

Now I have tried drawing a rose before and failed and since I did not have a stamp of one to save me, I had to try again. I discovered this cool tutorial from The Nailasaurus and was saved. Her's looks a million times better of course.  

Thanks for checking me out. Check out the other gals.


  1. 1. you better decide on smaller steps. Think about - let's complete 10. so you're at 6 out of 10. sounds better, isn't it? when you're done with 10 - think about continue ;-)
    2. I had absolutely no idea that the rose is the national flower of the United States! Every day I learn something new. Every day! Thank you!
    3. this mani is outstandingly beautiful! I love it so much! I love the colors you chose all together and I really really love how your roses came out!!!

  2. Thanks. That's a good idea. I'm home on maternity leave/vacation so I'm hoping time and baby allows me to