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I love nails and everything nails. This blog will be mostly about nails but I will through in some of my other creative abilities as well. I am from the nature island of the Caribbean Dominica. I live in the city Roseau. I developed and interest in nails since about 12 or maybe even before and I have been into it ever since. I must confess that I took a long break from it for reasons I have no idea. I think I just got lazy for a bit and this is a huge regret I have. But I'll make up for it.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Adventures in Stamping: Using a Frendh Tip Design

This week's challenge at Adventures in Stamping is using a french tip design. I have a couple of tip designs but don't think I've ever used them because it  tends to take some practice.

I was in a pink mood (like when am I not anyway) so decided to use Santee's Baby Pink and Beach Pink.  I inverted the colours on the middle finger and used Konad M45 for the tip. The full image is from and XL Stamping Plate.

It's the first time I've actually stamped over a stamped image (is that called layering? I'm not sure) but I've wanted to try it for a while now. I see others doing it and pulling out some super awesome manis. I'm going to keep at it and try to bring out the creative side of me. I usually just do simple stamping but when I see what others are doing it makes me realise that the possibilities are sooo endless

Friday, 14 September 2012

Spellbinding Nails Massive Giveaway

Sarah over at Spellbinding Nails is having what I believe is the biggest giveaway I've ever seen. It's H U G E. She is celebrating her 2000 followers milestone which I must say is huge. I can't even seem to find my way to 10.

I must say she has a cool blog. She is actually the first blogger I started following and then decided to get in blogging myself when I realized that I could keep in touch with other nail lovers like myself and I thought a blog would help me stay more committed to my nails.

You can check out her giveaway by clicking here

She is giving away some pretty cool stuff.

I know this milestone is a result of total commitment to your passion Sarah and I admire your greatly for this. Sorry your bank account is the one feeling it though as you say. Lol. I know what its like having to order stuff overseas.

Congrats dear