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I love nails and everything nails. This blog will be mostly about nails but I will through in some of my other creative abilities as well. I am from the nature island of the Caribbean Dominica. I live in the city Roseau. I developed and interest in nails since about 12 or maybe even before and I have been into it ever since. I must confess that I took a long break from it for reasons I have no idea. I think I just got lazy for a bit and this is a huge regret I have. But I'll make up for it.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Making a comeback

Hey Guys

I'm returning to the world of blogging after a nine month hiatus. I've really missed doing this and checking up on what everyone has been up to. I haven't been able to for so long.

So what's up with me? Well I have a 7 week old baby girl. She's the splitting image of me. I'm so happy. She's the reason I was to tired and constantly sleepy and could not do my nails for nine months. But we're all settled in, I'm getting the hang of being a mom. And just giving so much love to this new person. It's incredible.

Sooooo... I wanted to do a mani in honour of my newborn. I could not find a stamping plate in my limited collection with anything of a baby so I decided to go with lovely-girl, using two different plates. (I almost gave away all my polishes, and nails stuff cuz I thought-hey I'm not using them! I'd probably be pulling my hair out now cuz I'm so ready to use them). And since there are so many new stamping plates out, guess I have some shopping to do. Hmmmmm.

I'm using Konad plate M59 and an XL plate from lightinthebox.com. Though the XL plate has both images, the "lovely" image is bigger on the Konad plate.

The top coat kinda smudged it a bit. I have a konad topcoat which keeps you designs in place but I don't use it often especially not on manis that I won't keep on for long. Ordering polish for me is such a hassle and so much paper work that I have to make what I order last for as long as possible.