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I love nails and everything nails. This blog will be mostly about nails but I will through in some of my other creative abilities as well. I am from the nature island of the Caribbean Dominica. I live in the city Roseau. I developed and interest in nails since about 12 or maybe even before and I have been into it ever since. I must confess that I took a long break from it for reasons I have no idea. I think I just got lazy for a bit and this is a huge regret I have. But I'll make up for it.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Battle Nail Polish Challenge Battle #1 and My Flag

Hey Guys

The Battle Nail Polish Challenge started yesterday. I have been meaning to do this post since day before but was busy and tired. This challenge was created by Citygirl907 of Beautiful Living. I'm going to give it a try. Let's see what I come up with this time.

Battle No. 1 is Blue vs Green

I did a mani which included both colour. My inspiration came from our lovely mountains again the blue sky. Everywhere I look around me I see the lush green mountain against the bright blue sky. This is what I came up with.

I actually wanted to shape the mountain with the green polish but time did not permit. I also wish I had a more sky blue polish but this was the best I had, Santee's Blue Pearl.

Now, the reason for the flag on my index finger is because as part of our Independence celebrations, Wednesday was observed as Flag Day. On Flag day we display our beautiful Flag proudly. On vehicles, buildings, in our offices, etc. I choose to where mine on my nails. I drew the flag on the index finger. I had the rest of my nails designed with a sponging effect of all the colours but I did not like it very much. Here's what the colours of our flag represent;

Dark Green: The Rich Forest
Yellow:The sunshine, main crops (citrus and banana) as well as our first inhabitants the Caribs and Arawaks
Black: Rich black soil and African Heritage
White: clear rivers and waterfalls and

The Stripes in the shape of a cross represents the Trinity of God. There should be a Parrot and ten stars in the red circle which represents our national bird and the 10 Parishes of Dominica.

I have some photos below of our mountains and hills again the sky.

My Beautiful Flag


  1. Lovely manicure! And really nice pictures. :)

  2. Great post, I love your manicure!!!! the colours look great :)

  3. Very nice manicure! I've also joined the challenge (belated) my blog is http://polished-polyglot.blogspot.ch/
    I've been following you!

  4. Lovin the inspiration and the mani!