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I love nails and everything nails. This blog will be mostly about nails but I will through in some of my other creative abilities as well. I am from the nature island of the Caribbean Dominica. I live in the city Roseau. I developed and interest in nails since about 12 or maybe even before and I have been into it ever since. I must confess that I took a long break from it for reasons I have no idea. I think I just got lazy for a bit and this is a huge regret I have. But I'll make up for it.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Stripping Tape and a Kitten Rescue

Hey guys

I wanted to play around with my striping tapes again and came up with this cool mani. I actually really like this one. I may leave it on for a few days.

I used two colors from Santee. The base is Metallic Gold and the top is Titanic. Now I've had this color for quite some time and I've not been using it because I just did not like the look. But I'm so loving it today. I placed three gold rhinestones on each finger because I have them and they are so under used (is that a term). Thought I'd bring them out to play. On my left hand I have red rhinestones.

Now I was not able to take many photos of this mani and this is where my kitten rescue story comes in.

When I started to take the pics I heard a cry outside (did I mention it was about 12:30 midnight? Well it was).  When I went out to look it was on of my kittens. He'd fallen in a space which is between my building and the next. There is no way to get it out but to lower something in and try to get it to go in so we could pull it up. We ended up using a belt which we kinda hooked around it and it brilliantly clung to it so we were then able to pull it up. Only after an hour though.

So in the few pics I took this was the best. And the clean up was not so great either.

This photo shows the stripping tape on the base. Left hand

This is the kitten which was rescued.

This adorable love of mine is another kitten named Rescue. Why? Because we rescued him from the same place my kitten fell last night. We actually rescued him twice. He belonged to the neighbor  We kept him because we did not want to go through the drama a third time. He was a mess when we got him because he'd spent a night under pouring rain. We did not know he was there then. So we've nurtured him, loved him and fed him more than those we already have. I love him so so much

Thanks so much for stopping by. Much appreciated. xx


  1. Love that manicure :)
    You are more than welcome to join in on my challenge!!!! Have a great day!

  2. great mani! Finally checked out my form and now following you, thanks for your support :) Keep up the great job.